Wednesday, November 23, 2016


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I'm so thankful for everything that has went down this year. I quote, " I am thankful for all of it.  The highs. The lows. The blessings. The lessons.  The setbacks.  The comebacks. The love.  The hate.  EVERYTHING." 
~By Selene of (Diary of a Housewife)~

When I created this forum, I set out to inspire women around the world and most importantly in my demographic.  After my last post though, I have learned that the people around the world will support, encourage and accept your imperfections.  But the ones in your demographic.  The ones you'd rather want to inspire.  The ones you'd rather love.  The ones you'd rather give the most to; are the ones that will tear you down.  They tear you down because they know the most about you or they think they know most about you.  They take your imperfections and mistakes and use it against you to make themselves feel better.
These kinds of people are the people that once  gave you the most encouragement.  They are the people that say they are with you and proud of your accomplishments.  They are also the people that wait for your downfall.  They wait in their little holes congratulating you on the outside but targeting you from the the inside.  They're the ones that say "people said", "I heard", "some lady said".  And when you eventually fall as they expected, they throw the biggest celebration.  They're on the phone trying to get information from South Africa to Queens, South America to the seven continents.  When they're blocked on all social platform, the only way to get at you is to use the most important forum that you have to speak atrocious things about you.  They label you, "stuck up bitch", "home wrecker", "garbage and trash", "fat ass".  But, you take all that hate, all that malice and all that judgement and LOVE them more.  Not all well wishers believe in you.  Sometimes it takes just you and God to help you believe in yourself.  For me, that's enough.  

To the very grown up "Anonymous", blessings to you forever.  I do hope you continue to live a life without mistakes.  

I finally had a chance to try out the restaurant STK here in NY!  I highly recommend it.  It's very modern and the food is mouth watering. My first time trying it was in Vegas and I loved it there too. 

Rise above the hate...
Be confident, be inspired and smile through the pain.

Outfit Details

Robe: Steps NY
Dress: LoveCulture
Stilettos: Mandee 
Choker: Windsorstore
Lippie: Koko "Gorg" via KylieCosmetics

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  1. you are definitely slaying in this absolutely gorgeous black dress. i love how effortlessly you have pulled it off. keep posting more from you