Wednesday, August 10, 2016


My recent trip to Vegas was beyond amazing.  From entering the hotel to the many sights along the way.  We stayed at the Venetian which was decoratively breathtaking.  I would definitely recommend for those looking for a luxurious getaway.  It's a taste of Italy, with outstanding artistry and profound architect. 

  I tell people, I don't drink, smoke or party my life away; but I do love fancy dining, the best living capacity, and of course looking a million bucks.  Some may think I'm materialistic or superficial, yada, yada;  they have their likes, I have mine.  Simple. 

My first outfit while in Vegas was this number below.  It was definitely a head turner.  I received compliments every second, which was flattering.  The weather was just too humid, hence, my horrific facial expressions in a few of the photos.  Thankfully we spent the day inside the hotel.  It may sound boring, but it was a total experience.  Unfortunately, I do not have photos to show how beautiful the promenade was.  I did however update my snap chat every minute of every day spent there.  (Side note: I love snap chat for capturing the moments but letting me reminisce the memories.  Unlike IG or FB, the moment stay on your timeline forever.  There's something about living in the moment and allowing it to be a memory.)

Can we talk about dining options here?  I love me a good Italian meal!  Like Italy itself, hubby and I was able to ride a Gondola with a conductor who sang to us in Italian.  During our ride we were able to spot a few of our favorite high end shops and rushed over as soon as the ride was over.  YES!  This was all inside of the Venetian Hotel.  

Be confident, be inspired and shine on...

Outfit Details

Dress: Mandel
Mini Bag: Michael Korn
Sunnies: Charlotte Russe
Hair by Ricky & Linda

Though life may give you a thousand reasons to break down and cry, smile at the millions of blessing God has bestowed upon your life.

Have a fashionably BLESSED day!