Monday, July 25, 2016

Bon Voyage

Hello Fashion Queens and Kings! 
Like always, my procrastination is beyond the norm.  I've been putting off this outfit post for a while now.  So here it is.

Shopping in Express is not my cup of tea.  Coincidentally, half of this outfit is from Express.  I personally believe the pieces can be boring, however some of the clothing quality is amazing!  This skirt for example was richly lined and just had a smooth texture in the whole.  Definitely a great buy.  The top as well, great quality, vivid print.

My inspiration for this outfit was vacation.  When the month of June, July and August roll around, my mind is just focused on vacation.  Earlier this month I was able to cruise on a yacht, which was a sweet experience; given my fear of large bodies of water.  This anchor patterned blouse with the striped skirt gave me a nautical feel, helping me reminisce the moment I let go of my fear of water.  I polished the look with gold accent accessories.

As per my hair, no, I did not cut bangs.  I just used a clip in bang because I was feeling a bit extra.

Be confident, be inspired and shine on...

Outfit Details

Blouse: Express
Skirt: Express
Belt: Local Boutique
Shoe: CL "So Kate Neige"
Clip in Bangs by Ken Paves

Have a fashionably BLESSED day!


  1. Great outfit! Have a nice day)

  2. Beautiful look! :)