Thursday, July 14, 2016

Aqua Waves

Hello all!

Here's another look with my blue hair.  I steer towards either black or blue outfits so my hair color could pop.  I recently explored other colored outfits and it wasn't so bad.  Can we talk about how beautiful blue hair looks in waves?  So in love.  No regrets at all.  

Would you dare to go color crazy?

Just a quick voice on what's happening in our country.  It's my belief that as a nation, "United we stand, divided we fall."  Instead of killing each other we should be uniting, standing strong as one body awaiting for our real enemies.  I'm sure the real enemies are having quite a laugh at how we're making their jobs easier by destroying each other.  Just praying it doesn't take a repeat of 9/11 for our justice system and citizens to realize we need to unite.  In God We Trust!

Be confident, be inspired and shine on...

Outfit Details

Dress: xoxo
Necklace: Walmart 
Pumps: CL Pigalles 

Have a fashionably blessed weekend! 

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