Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Miami Loving

Hola Loves!

Here are two of the three swimwear that I wore.  With the many insecurities I've had over the years, even prior to having children, I just wanted to feel confident and beautiful in my bathing suits.  I did just that.   I did what I do best and styled each swimsuit with coordinated accessories and cover ups.  My third swimwear, however was not a lot of covering up, hence it not being included here.  

I honestly did not want to use filters or effects on the pictures, but they all were dark and needed some brightening.  As I mentioned in the prior post, I am using St. Tropez bronzing mousse and Sally Hansen airbrush tan to give my awfully fair legs some color along with hiding my oh so visible cellulite.  

I wanted to showcase to my viewers, readers and followers; that it's quite alright to still look fabulous in a two piece or bathing suit even after having children.  We all have insecurities even the thinnest woman and most beautiful celebrities.   We always want a lift here or some reduction there.  The fact is our imperfection is usually what others actually want, so why not embrace it?

Be confident,  be inspired & shine on...

Swimwear Details

Bathing suit: Forever21
Necklace/cuff: Charlotte Russe 
Sunnies: Amazon
Cover up: Made my own

Swimwear Details

Two Piece: Forever21
Body Chain/Sunnies: Charlotte Russe 
Cuff: Cliquers Boutique 

Have fashionably BLESSED day!

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  1. Great look!) Have a nice day!