Thursday, April 14, 2016


With a rocky start to 2016, I seemed to have lost myself.  Outwardly, I was gleeming, but on the inside I was shattered into millions of pieces.  

As I reflect back to 2015, from the beginning to the end, I was always in a situation where I needed to be a crying shoulder for someone, a listening ear, or the one with the right words to say at the right moment.  I carried so much of other people's burdens in 2015 which made me feel so good that I could have been there for them.  But when I was hit with my own pain in the beginning of this year, I had no clue where or who to turn to.  I came to a place where I had to turn it to the the man above.  
In the third month of this year I was finally understanding that the people who cleaved to me for support was actually preparing me for my "knock down" season.  The same encouragement I gave in 2015 was the same ones I needed in 2016.  God does work in mysterious ways!  
At times I had to pretend to smile or be happy in a moment.  I had to be strong for those around me.  But the fact was, I was slowly dying emotionally on the inside.  The strength I've gathered within the last few months outruns anything I've ever faced in my 27 years of life.  

As  I continue to look forward and leave my cares in the hands of God; I know that my joy, my peace of mind, my happiness my laughter is all coming back.  No matter what you may be facing, know that it will be ok.  Rest assure that God knows the desires of your heart and he is more than able to bring it to pass.  God knows what's best for you.  Put your trust in him.  A little faith can go a long way. In the mean time LAUGH!

Be confident, be inspired and shine on...

Outfit Details

Palazzo Pants:  JcP
Top: Pretty Girl
Belt: NY & Co.
Gloves: C21
Pumps: Shoedazzle "Kali"
Sunnies/Earrings: Local Boutique
Stroller: OrbitBaby

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