Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Most of the times we connect happiness to material things, pleasures, success, the list goes on.  But what is happiness?  This past weekend I was able to witness what I believe happiness is.  

As the bride made her grand entrance, the grooms anticipation was splashed all over his face.  The eye connection, the smiles between the two, it was just a moment that we all dream of at point or another.  Not caring who was watching or how conserved you should be with all eyes on you, the pair enjoyed being in each other's arms and embraced the celebratory moment of love, of newness and most of all happiness.  

I've heard million and trillions of devastating stories about love.  I've also heard many happy stories.  But I'm so glad I was able to witness one. True love completes a human and brings a happiness which none can take away.  When we find true love, we must learn to nurture it, appreciate it and most of all cherish it.

~1Corinthians 13:4-7~

Be confident, be inspired and shine on...

"Mini Bride"

Outfit Details

Top/Skirt/Belt:  Local Boutique
Accessories: Dreams Boutique
Stilettos: CL "Slikova" multi glitter 100mm

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