Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Year, New Goals

Hello Fashion Lovers!

Today was one of the craziest day ever.  Between hours of finding and ordering the childrens Christmas gifts, having my preschooler at home today (out of all days), doing laundry and taking care of the baby, not to mention prepping my first grader for an exam, I felt so O-V-E-R-W-H-E-L-M-E-D.  

Everything was a-okay until reviewing for the exam.  This "common core" curricula is just outrageous!  I totally appreciate children learning vocabulary words, phonics, etc., but come on with this math of a mess.  I mean I started school from kindergarten all the way to college in America.  And the "common core" math is definitely comparable to high school into college math.  Their little brains can only hold so much information!!!  Truth be told, I have a high calibre expectation of my childrens academics  and they know it.  So when I say, something is academically horrendous then it truly has to be.  Gosh, today alone makes me not want to go back to school.  Atleast, it's a challenge and I've gotta hit it head on!  

On that note, as the year closes, I like to reflect on my accomplishments, where I need improvement, and concentrate on goals I'd like to accomplish for the coming year.  At my last graduation ceremony at FIT, the keynote speaker had me in suspense when she asked the graduating class, "what's your next dream?"  At the time it flew right over my head because I had just worked my behind off to earn a seat in that auditorium.  Woman, my dream is complete!  

One baby later that has completely changed.  I realized you have to keep dreaming.  Once you've met a satisfactory goal it's time to set new and challenging one's.  I believe my late grandmother instilled in me that "education is root to anyones success."  I might have a few years of education in various fields, which may seem like I'm a career hopper or not settled about what I want for my future, but I know that with each dream that I've envisioned is preparing me for the greater success God has coming.  If I settle to be a school teacher because of the benefits of the state, my heart won't be at ease.  If I just tug around bags of clothing for celebrities all day, I still won't be satisfied.  I may have to go through these careers to get to my place of ease, but I know I cannot be stuck there.  There's got to be more.  Like that keynote speaker, I want to accomplish my next dream.  It may not be clear at this moment but, I know the Man above will direct my steps.  While I want to make money, I also want to make a difference.  I have to make a mark.  Whether it's education, fashion, publication or just being a mother.  I love the feeling of inspiring and pushing others to pursue their dreams, calling, and goals.  The fear of getting to your dream maybe be bigger than your dream itself, but, like I tell my little ones, "don't be afraid, take on the challenge."  

This years birthday outfit was not strategically planned, but I'm loving the textures.  Like I said in my previous post, as you get older, birthdays become less about you (although, I was completely surprised by my friends). That evening our little family went on a mini getaway, which the kids were totally surprised about.  They had not one clue.  They were so sad to leave their friends house, but was psyched when they noticed we drove pass our home and was heading to the bridge; which meant we are "going on vacation!!!"  I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Be confident, be inspired and shine on!

Outfit Details

Dress: Local Boutique
Leather Legging: Mandee
Choker: Claire's
Pumps: CL So Kate "Neige"
Guy in the pic: Sent from above just for me...

Have a fashionably BLESSED weekend!


  1. Thank for your words of wisdom and inspiration...
    You look fabulous. ...

    1. Thank you my dear! I'm glad you can gain insight from my thoughts.

  2. Thank for your words of wisdom and inspiration...
    You look fabulous. ...

  3. Well said Sis. Trisha!!! Your posts' always uplift and encourage me! I love you so much! And you look beyond beautiful in these shots!