Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hey Fashionista's!

Finally, I've settled into a routine of getting the entire family out of the house in time to take some outfit photos before heading out.  
I am so thankful for my better half who helps me out with the older boys.  This gives me ample time to decorate myself and get the baby ready.  He's such a sweetheart for putting up with my "how to capture the picture" demands.  That's why most times you see me making weird gestures.  In the second photo below I was grinning hard because he asked, "who's behind the lens? Would you like to shoot yourself?"  Hahahaha Shoot myself? No babe, you do an amazing job with my help of course 😜😂.

We also had date night the other day, which was long overdue.  It was a magical evening.  Shucks, time to yourself, if any, when you have munchkins is like a dream come true.  That outfit will be coming soon too.

Anywho, this outfit was last minute.  Initially, I was not planning on purchasing clothing, #1 because I went on a heinous fall wardrobe edit and #2 waiting to shed some sweat.  However, I couldn't pass up the super affordable price for this skirt and blouse, not even 50 bucks! The fabric of the skirt is just gorgeous, I had to had to get it.  The only expensive thing is my shoe of course.  Other than that I borrowed sets of pearls from mamma bear and used a headband as a choker.  Yep you heard right that is a headband around my neck.  The detailing is super glam too.  Loving the girly vibes.  

Be Confident, be Inspired & Shine Bright...
Outfit Details

Top/skirt: Cliquers Boutique
Headband worn as choker: JCP
Pearls: Borrowed
Pumps: CL "Pigalle Follies" in bon bon pink

Have a BLESSED day!

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  1. How beautiful Sis. Trisha!!! Love your floral skirt! You're really inspiring me to start writing back on my own blog! :)