Thursday, November 26, 2015

Faux Real

Hello Dolls!

I'd like to start off today's post by giving God thanks.  Not only because of thanksgiving but for giving me another day of life and another year to see his blessings upon my life.  I see as you get older, birthdays become less about you and more about spending time with those around you.  Thank you guys for sticking around and supporting my passion for fashion here on the blog.  It means the world to me.  

So today's outfit is probably the most overboard I've went.  I'm known amongst my friends and family for doing something crazy leading up to my day older.  And of course overboard meaning, fashion. Between the all white, faux fur, faux hair and CL's, I don't know what was most dysfunctional.  But, when I really look at the pics, I think I'm loving it!

Can we talk about cellulites for a second?  This skirt is very thin which makes everything visible.  Mind you to shade the areas I wore a spanx, thick tights and a thick slip.  But those dimple like features still made its way to saying hello (smh).  Does anyone have this issue?

Faux fur has been around for many seasons, but I've never bothered to make it a wardrobe staple.  Why?  Simply because I have broad shoulders which can throw my body proportion day off.  Fur makes you look a lot bigger on the top as you will see in the pics.  However, I opted for resting it upon my shoulders instead.  To keep in place I pinned at the shoulders.  The pinning technique is great for blazers as well; when you dont want to wear it but just need it to polish off a look by pulling it over.  This helps to keep it from shifting.  
I added some pizzaz to the the outfit with a gold detailed belt and my favorite geometric earrings.  I've been wearing my nude CL's often only because I'm trying to get accustomed to the heel height.  I'm a 100mm heel height girl when it comes to CL's, but 120mm is just a lot more hotter.  I polished the look with this long ponytail.  Keeping it in was a job by it self.  It was so freaking heavy.  I used clip in extensions to create the ponytail (by watching Carlibel's how to tutorial on Youtube).

Are you guys feeling this look?  
Would you try it?

Be confident, be blessed and shine on!

Outfit Details

Sweater/Jacket: JCP
Belt: Local Boutique
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Pumps: CL "Nude So Kate"

Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving weekend!

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  1. Chic shoes :)
    Maria V.