Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cape Coat

Hey Gorgeous'.

I know I'm on a rocket ship of blogging, zooming out posts.  Sometimes its hectic to capture my outfits, but when I do I cease the moment.  I've been MIA most of the year and want to make up for it.  Hope I'm not boring you guys.  And I hope you're gaining some inspiration.  

As you know from my last post, my husband took me to the Sugar Factory to delight myself in some sweet tooth madness!  I really loved the whole candy drinks and candy shop experience that I wanted my kids to enjoy it as well.  When the bubbly drinks came out there was an indescribable look on their face.  Soda and candy mixed together, what could be better?  They were also treated to the Radio City Rockettes.  

I've never hidden my inner child, but now that I have children I'm so blessed that I can share these priceless moments with them.  As a child, I was not able to experience the American life of a child.  My parents migrated here from South America to better their future and mine too.  So with an especially hard working mother and father, there was no time for family fun.  But I don't regret it.  Because of hard working parents and not having much I learned to appreciate the little things in life.  So when you see me in a few designer labels, know that my past although growing up in America wasn't a bed of roses.  God saw my little heart and blessed me with a person that can provide the best for his wife.  For that I am thankful and grateful.  I said all that to say, now I can share the experiences I missed as a child with my children (win, win).

This was the outfit I opted for.  I wanted to be comfortable but still look like a chic momma.  Of course I did not walk around the city in heels all day.  I substituted the heels with a cognac riding boots, (not pictured), still in the brown family to compliment my cape.

Be confident, be blessed and shine on!

Outfit Details

Cape: Local Boutique
Pants: Mandee
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Glove/Sunnies: Nine West

Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving!