Monday, October 26, 2015


Hey Dolls!

I recreated one of the outfits from my Fall Trends post.  I was not able to capture many photos, but  glad I was able to get atleast one.  I totally feel like a fisherman in this outfit.  Thank God I ditched the hat.  But, it was worth a risky try!

So after giving birth, I had a mission to get fit and in shape.  However, I was thrown a curve ball.  Aside from the no heavy workout 4-6 weeks after birth, I was forced to put exercise on hold.  Since my first child I've been a breastfeeding momma.  After having my second son I hit the gym within two weeks postpartum.  He only breastfed for a month and I wondered why.  I recently came to the understanding that when you work out hard, your body released toxins.  The toxins sours your milk and baby refuses it.  So, this was the only acceptable reason my workouts have paused.  However, I am doing light stretches and toning exercise in the comfort of my own home to tighten the lose abdomen muscles.  I also try my best to portion my food and drink lots of water, but I have been suffering from a serious case of the "sweet tooth" syndrome (yikes!).  Along with my small steps to getting back into shape, I started using a waist cincher.  Because I own the latex kind it has been hard to keep it on for the recommended 5-7 hours.  It's only been one week so no tremendous results yet.  

Be Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...

Outfit Details

Tee: JcPenney
Jeans: Motherhood (old)
Sandals: Shoedazzle

Have a fashionably BLESSED day!

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  1. Great look! :)))