Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fifties Flair

Hello Lovelies!

The blogger app on my phone was acting up which delayed this post.  Finally, I can get it up and running.

This outfit was inspired by a post from my social media, fashion era's ago.  Since taking Fashion history, I've seen fashion in such a different dimension and appreciate the era in which I would have said, "eww, who would wear that?".  Although we may not see it, designers have adapted atleast one thing from the oldern generations while creating their line of clothing.  

So many silhouettes and hemlines has been making a blast from the past which is why I wanted my Easter outfit to capture just that.  Years ago every single piece of a woman's outfit matched!  Shoes were made from matching fabric as her dress as well as her purse.  That might be a bit too much for this generation, but I am feeling the matching outfits, whether be it solid colors or floral suits and gingham sets.  I put my own twist on this outfit with the popular modern print, LEOPARD!  (I was always a leopard girl.  The first fur coat I had at the age of 4 was leopard and I even owned full leopard print pants.)  

Many posts ago, I said I usually start with my shoe first then choose an outfit, which is exactly what I did.  The week before Easter my husband decided he'd take a trip to Fifth Ave. without me.  Without me?  What could he have been up to?  Later on that evening he surprised me with a pair of leopard Louboutins which I've been drooling over since February.  Now since pregnancy I haven't been in the fashionista mode but after receiving a present as such, I couldn't resist.  I rush ordered this tulle skirt which came the Thursday before Easter.  I knew exactly what outfit I wanted and thought it'd be easy to find a matching red blazer.  Boy was I wrong!  Every single store or boutique I went to had no red blazers.  Only black, white and pastels.  I finally went to a store I really didn't want to go to and found an almost matching color blazer and decided I'd go for it.  The skirt was a bit darker, but I wore it with all confidence like i just walked out of Bloomingdale's.  The hat, I had my eye on since last year in a different color.  I took the opportunity and purchased the very last red 
hat in the boutique which pulled the look together.  The bag has its own story too.  Long story short, my husband has had quite the fashion eye this time around.  I wonder if that means we are expecting a baby girl? 

Be Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...

Outfit Details 

Blazer: Mandee 
Skirt: GoJane.com
Hat:  Dream Boutique
Accessories: H&M (old)
Bag: Local Boutique 
Shoes:  Christian Louboutin "Senora 100mm"


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  2. Love that you have such an appreciation for the classical fashion styles... as do I. You look fabulous! : )