Friday, January 2, 2015

Cheers to 2015!

A very BLESSED 2015 to you all!

Since a little girl, my family's tradition is to ring in the new year in church!  I am all grown up now and happy to say I am still doing the same with my own little familia.  

I did not have a chance to take detailed shots of my outfit, but at least you can see a glimpse of what I wore.  It actually had a third piece, which was a pleated full over skirt.  I'm hoping to re-shoot and show the full outfit.

God has brought myself and this super crazy fashionista together in a rather weird way.  We had this on again off again relationship as teenagers. But, here we are sharing super special moments with our better halves and living undeniably perfect lives all because of the Man above.  Cheers to many more horrendous hangouts, silly conversations and endless laughter. I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything else in this world.

My partner in crime.  Can't believe I'm in heels and you're still taller than me.  Growing up right before my eyes, you have made me a proud teacher and big Sis (not aunty, fyi!).  Over the last year, I've learned so much from you and about you.  I respect you on many levels and cannot wait for the success God has placed over your life.  And you're not leaving in August!

This man beside me, there's no word to express my love for him.  Our puppy love in 2001 has turned into vows in 2005.  Through the dark hours and rocky mountains, we've made it to the top.  I know I always say this and I will continue to say it.  If it weren't for God being the center focus of our relationship our lives would have been torn to pieces.  We're in the our 10th year of marriage and I look forward to 10 thousand more years.  No one in this world could have ever treated me like a princess the way you do.  Thank you for making me feel like royalty each and every day.  

And this folks, wraps up my 2014!

A special thank you to those who have taken time to read each of my posts and to view my outfits.  You guys are spectacular! I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Be Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...

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  1. Awe your so sweet trish! I love you. Omg I can't believe it's your 10th year of marriage. Congratulations to you guys. Such an inspiration to myself and stephen.