Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sixteen Candles

Several weeks ago I attended a sweet sixteen and wore this fabulous number.  With the countless amount of things going on, I totally forgot to put an outfit together for the event.  Two days prior I received a text asking what were some outfit ideas for this fashion forward celebration.  For the first time I was at  lost for words.  I had no clue how to answer the question because I couldn't even answer it myself!  You know the saying, "when in doubt, wear red"?  Well, I did just that.  I went for this all red lace dress which was under $40 and paired it with my nude So Kate CL.  

Let's talk more about the dress.  I don't like showing a lot of my shoulder/arm.  I always cover up by wearing a sheer or lace top and sometimes a cardigan or blazer.  Before pointing this out, I know you wouldn't have tell that I wore a long sleeve lace top under this mock neck dress.  Now that I pointed it out you can see how color displaced it is (lol). Ladies who go for a more modest look, you too can try this trick.  Trust me, no one could tell! Except, if you blogged about it :)

Be Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...

My husband and I were honored to have been invited to light a candle for the Sweet Sixteen, Anesha.  It inspires me to know that my family and I have an impact on the young people around us.  My favorite part was the song which this beauty chose for me (This Girl is on Fire).  But my most favorite favorite part was the dessert bar.  Now that was on fire!  Literally, sparklers everywhere!!!

Outfit Details

Dress: Local Boutique 
Top: Rainbow
Earrings: h&m
Pumps: "So Kate" Christian Louboutin 120mm

Have a fashionably BLESSED weekend!

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  1. you look very nice and sexy