Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gray Days

Hey beauties!

So one of my fears in this life is the Dentist.  And today I happen to have a dentist appointment after 10 years.  I have some cavities to fill (blame my love for chocolate) and a root canal!!! OMG, I am so terrified.  My husband has been pushing me to go for years so finally decided to take the step (eh..hem, I think I deserve a pair of Jimmy Choo' after this).  Please pray for me to be brave and for the procedure to go by quickly and oh, for me not to feel ANY pain, yikes!

As for today's outfit,  I circulated my outfit around these super modern shoes.  I couldn't  decide if I wanted to go all gray or mix up some colors (which I did, coming to my next post). Although the dress is gray, I do love how the shoe still stands out.  Gray has been flooding the trend market and I love it!  

I am totally loving my spiral curls.  To achieve this look I divided my hair into 3 horizontal sections.  Starting with the bottom horizontal section I vertically parted that section in half. I then took 1 inch sections and wrapped it around a regular curling iron.  So instead of putting my hair through the clamp I wrapped the hair starting with the root around the barrel (I used a 3/4in barrel, can be done with larger barrels).  I then moved on to the next half of the bottom sections then worked my way up to the other two horizontal sections using the same technique.  I gave each section a spritz of hairspray.  I would love for you to try it and send me some pics!

Be  Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...

Outfit Details:

Dress:  Local Boutique 
Shoes: Shoedazzle "Kikia"
Necklace: Be be
Sunnies: Kenneth Cole

Have a fashionable BLESSED day!

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