Saturday, December 13, 2014

Behind Me

Hello my precious dolls!
For this outfit, I was going for an all white look. But, I  really loved how the black blazer pulled the entire outfit together.  Black and white is just such timeless colors.  As of lately, black, white and gray as been my color palette when organizing my wardrobe.  What trendy colors are you guys loving this season?  Do you love or dislike this combination?

Be Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...

Today I was totally bombarded by the ignorance of gossip about my past (yes "MY" past which I guess makes it everyone else's).  It's amazing how your little mistake can be turned into a mouthful of dirty lies.  Never fail to listen to what the old folk say about keeping a good character.  If you slip up once, there will always be surveillance' around you.

So we all have that one time we screwed up as a teenager story.  Of course I'm not happy about one decision I've made in the past, but that desicion which became a mistake has had so much positive impact on my life.   It's so sad though that those around you make it their legal right to exploit your character with lies.  If you want to know something you go straight to the source.  Why listen to what others have to say about someone else?  People will always use someone else's history (and add more to it) to cover up their present mystery.  

I humbly accept my mistake and have moved on to being a successful woman.  I've matured and  understand the responsibility of living a respectable and honest life.  Today, I hold my head up high and walk without fear of what people say about my past.  I know many young women even men that walk in the shadow of what people say or think of their mistake; but those same people who take the time judge others, if you ask them about their past, do you think it's perfect?

Outfit Details 

Top: Local Boutique 
White Jeans: h&m
Blazer: Fredericks of Hollywood 
Booties: Shoedazzle 
Bag/Necklace: My Closet

"...He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone..." ~ John 8:7


  1. Nice look, cute pics :)

  2. I love the black and white combo. I'm loving burgandy right now Idk why. I used to hate it but lately I've been loving the color. I really loved what you said about your past. It's the past and people should forget about cuz you sure did. When they start talking about you that's when you know your getting famous

  3. Well said Pashun Trisha. Others will judge the character of one person, but will hide behind theirs. Don't worry abut your past. we all made mistakes, not one person is perfect. God made no perfect person. So u keep lifting ur head high and do the best u can do. which u have already done. keep focusing on ur family and God, and all things will follow. We all learned from our past which brings our future brighter. Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.