Monday, November 10, 2014


Hello my fabulous beauties!
This weekend I had the privilege of attending one of the most coveted events of our generation; "The Cosmopolitan, Fun Fearless Life."  From meeting the most humble blogger girls to the highly sought after Editor-in-chief of the magazine and celebrity after celebrity, it was a weekend filled with inspiration and empowerment. 

Each speaker had their own piece of advice to give to the attendees.  However, there was one significant statement Joanna Coles, Editor-in-chief of Cosmo Magazine said.  She rhetorically  asked, "how do you find your passion, and what will you do in the future?"  She went on  to say, "in your life there are CLUES which leads to your passion, success and goals."  This phrase sent me on a roller-coaster of thoughts.  I mean, I know my passion is in the Fashion Industry.  But fashion alone is such a broad career.  There's so much to do in the world of fashion.  Although accomplishing a certificate in Fashion styling, is it where I am supposed to be?  Is that all I have to offer to this world?  As soon as the answers unfold I will let you all know.

Truthfully, I believe we could never run out of dreams or goals or visions.  As human beings when we've reached one dream we still want to go to the next.There are many things I have accomplished in my 25 going on 26 years of my life, but I know there's even more success ahead of me.  Each time I complete one dream I will go on to my next dream.  Today I urge you too, to go on and conquer those dreams inside of you.  Whether it's going to that interview  (so talking to myself), pitching a new idea to your company or a new milestone in your life, like Nike says, "just do it!"  

"It is better to try and fail, than fail to try."

Be Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...

I look forward to landing a cover one of these days.

Wonderful young women who are chasing their dreams.

That SATC moment with my blogger babes.

Joanna Coles, Editor-in-chief of Cosmo.
Sara Blakely, creator of Spanx.

Sophia Amoruso, Founder of and author of "GirlBoss".

Chrissy Tiegen, model and wife of John Legend.

Left to Right:
Alicia Quarles of E! News, Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars and Maybelline representative.

Jillian Michaels & Kelly Osbourne.

Gabrielle Union & Joanna Coles.

The fabulous Martha of, who was such an inspiration this weekend.  Living proof of no matter who you are or where you came from, as long as you remain humble and stay true to yourself; doors of opportunities will always knock.  Success at its best.  

Have a fashionably BLESSED week and chase after you dreams!

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