Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall 2014 Shoe Picks

Hello there my wonderful fashionista's!
Shoes has played a vital part of my life since I was a teeny tiny toddler.  I remember my first pair of wedge sandals that had flower imprints on the heels, and the white t-strap click clack shoes with the prettiest rhinestone heels you ever did see.  In elementary school I literally cried everyday to wear tights and pretty shoes.  The best though, was picture day!  Although we were photographed from the chest up, I had to wear my most special shoes that day.  Anywho, below are my most favorite shoes for this season.  Some are inspirations from fellow bloggers and others are just the shoes of my dreams (for this season that is).

1. Hot Chick (here) which is not available in the US.  The feminine physique of this shoe is just breath taking.   "This shoe may be built more for posing than walking. So, slip it on, pose, and let others come to you." (Reference)  Better deal (here).

2.  I first spotted these shoes on facebook and instagram from my fellow blogger girl Lovely.  Although hard to find I did spot it (here).

3.  My blogger babe Luna was mad about the original shoes to these, the BCBG runway concorde boots.  Finally, this fall the known Shoedazzle has designed this gorgeous replica.  Not quite thigh high but at the knee is good enough.

4.  This number has a chic army look to it.  I've been searching for the perfect casual yet sexy bootie, but look no further because Charlotte Russe has this baby!

5.  After watching the SATC movie again for the tenth time I realized that I needed these Manolo's in my life (here).  

6.  Last but not least this gorgeous thigh high leather Jimmy Choo boots.  Every season I always promise myself I wouldn't buy more boots.  However, I'm a female and there's no such thing.  With tens of thousands of boots in my closet ready to be worn these Turner boots will complete a girls fall wardrobe.  Gorgeous and better deal (here).

Well that completes this season's favorites on PashunTrisha's list.  Hope you find this helpful and hope to see some of you rocking these styles in the Fall/WInter season.

Be Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...

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