Thursday, May 15, 2014

Inspiration & Supporters

TGIF indeed!  I haven't felt this way since college.  Now that I'm down to my final classes the work load is getting so intense.  This means I need a weekend break to just relax and free my thoughts.  

Here is my third and final post to wrap up my Mother's day series.  Below each picture is just a short description of how these women (mothers & non mothers) have inspired me and been a great source of support.

First Lady Veronica of EFGA:
Her strength, her beauty, her disciplined attitude and her love for ministry is what inspires me.  Storms come and go, but yet she keeps calm, strong and moves on.  I can never imagine my life without her in it.  She inspires me more than she knows it.

A virtuous woman?
This is her!  Her simplicity, her meekness and her intercession is a true inspiration.  There's always a smile on her face and a lovely compliment to follow.  I'm blessed to have her part of mine and my family's life.

A woman of God with class.  She inspired my love for the hat trend.  

A woman who took time out to be a full time mother.  Because of that I respect her. From the conception of this fashion blog she has been a faithful foundation.  I thank you for your endless support.

My love for this mother and daughter is beyond words.  Their relationship towards each other is matchless.  Thank you guys for always complimenting me even when I'm not wearing makeup.  Anesha you're a young lady with a unique personality and a peculiar fashion sense. 

To know someone who has gained strength and confidence from losing a loved one at such a young age mesmerize' me.  Your sense of style is one of a kind.  Thank you for your lovely admiration towards me. 

My shoe buddy!
From winning bff shoes on shoedazzle to over paying for monthly memberships.  Your fashion has evolved so much and I am astounded by your diverse style.  Thank you for your endless support from day one!

In one way or another these women have inspired me.  I thank God for placing them in my life as a means of support and extra pillar in my life and career.  Keep the fashion alive ladies!


  1. You are my personal fashion stylist, every time I need help putting together an outfit or have questions about how to do my hair or even ask what shoes to wear, your always there to lend a helping hand. Continue to put God first and he will give you your hearts desires! Love you girl :)

  2. AWW!! I am truly out of words my beautiful sister. Thank you for all your kind words, & compliments!!! You truly have no idea the love my mother and I have for YOU and your amazing family as well. I firstly would like to say, I admire your ambition towards life, and I love how you carry about yourself. You have no idea how much I look up to you sister Trisha. I can see the wondrous hands of God working mightily in your life. And I pray that God continues to bless you in everything you set your hands to do! Love you oh so much doll. <3