Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spanish Flare

Hey dolls!.
Hope everyone has had an amazing and productive week

I was reminiscing the days where he cuddled me under his arms keeping me safe from any harm.  Fondly remembering the days he chose what I wore, combed my hair and gave me lifes galore.  He never rebuked my choices nor negatively spoke into my life.  He is the man God blessed me with on earth to call daddy.  He is my papa bear! 

This past week God really put my faith to the test.  Although overwhelming and running on minimal sleep, it has been a life changing moment in my family.  My dad has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks.  Last week he was diagnosed with a heart condition which needed immediate surgery.  I had the hope and faith without a shadow of doubt everything would go well.  Coming closer to the scheduled surgery date my expectations that God was going to work things out was still at a high.  After school on Monday (the day of my dad's surgery), while visiting him in the icu, I felt that human side of me just exploding with sadness.  To see him lying there lifeless, not knowing what's going on, having a machine breathe for him and endless amount of monitors attached to him, it sadened me.  The doctors assured us all is well and the machines will come off soon.  But, experiencing disappointment with surgical procedures in the past, I felt troubled leaving the hospital that evening.  The next morning, he was still in the same state, which certainly didn't put me at ease.  That Tuesday evening was when recovery had really began.  He was awake and breathing on his own.  Even though other minor things were detected, I'm just grateful that I have my dad here.  He is off all but one machine which is helping his abnormal heart beats to beat at a normal pace.  God has shown up numerous times in my life, but this was that one time that I really, really needed him and he did it! Thank you to everyone who has tirelessly prayed, visited the hospital and gave words of encouragement.  Our family is overwhelmed with thanks and appreciation for your support.

This is a fashion blog right?  So for todays outfit, I was inspired by "The West Side story".  The silhouette of this dress reminds me of the fashion dating back to that movie.  It's a Spanish Harlem look with a 1960's flare.  This dress was pencil which I had my seamstress cut and add to turn into a flute hem dress.  Being a shoe lover, I base my outfit around my shoes.  However, the shoes I paired with this look was just horrible in my opinion.  It was one of the worst shoes I've ever worn.  I believe its me and not the shoe, because the shoe did have very high ratings on Shoedazzle.  What do you guys think of the flute hem trend?  Do you see yourself in this silhouette or never?  
Be Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...

My duck lips are out if control!

Outfit Details

Dress: Sheinside w/custom touch
Pumps: Shoedazzle "Cresha"
Mini Bag: Steve Madden

"...With God all things are possible."
~Matthew 19:26

"Spanish Flare"  video


  1. you look very pretty, love the heels :)

  2. Your are absolutely beautiful sister Trisha, inside and outside. This story about your father was heart-touching. I'm so happy all is well with him. May God continue to bless you.. Your an amazing woman of God. <3

  3. Very nice outfit.I love your Blog!
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  4. Hello beautiful, nice dress.
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  5. Beautiful! Enjoyed reading this post! :)

    Stay tuned to my page for future updates!

  6. Love it !!!!! You look like a movie star!