Thursday, October 10, 2013

He's Still the One

On October 8th, my hubby and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.  (Cool fact about us: we met on October 8th, 2001 and were married on October 8th 2005).  We spent the evening at a beautiful restaurant. It was a very intimate setting. I'm familiar with rose petals on the bed, but our table was adorned with rose petals which was pretty darn spiffy (thanks boo).  The food was delicious.

Its amazing to be married to your best friend.  Like every marriage there are ups and down, but thats what helps drive the spark in a relationship, well in ours that is.  Shucks, we still fight like we're teenagers for the silliest things.  We chase each other around the house and the kids join in as well.  It's just a wonderful feeling to have someone you can have fun with, cry with, play with, and fight with.  Being a very young couple, the beginning was really tough, but because of God being the center of our marriage we are blessed with these 8 years of memorable moments.  I look forward to a lifetime more of memories with my best friend and the love of my life.  

Thank you baby, for making me the happiest girl with a closet full of shoes (hehe).  You mean the world to me.  Its because of your belief in me, I am who I am today.  Thank you for pushing me to achieve my dreams.  I am glad that you were the one beside me for all my past achievements and you will be the only one beside me for my future achievements.  Thank you for seeing more than just the mother of your children and more than just a house wife in me. You've certainly groomed me to be a successful woman.  When folks see you, they may just see an ordinary guy, but in God's eye, my eye and your children's eye you are the most extraordinary, special and magnificent person on the face of this earth.  
I love you Afraz Joshua Mohammed!

**Please excuse the unclear pics.

Outfit Details

Asymmetrical dress: Local Boutique (similar)
Thigh high boots: Shoedazzle
Leather Jacket: H&M (similar)
Bag: Old
Jewelry: My mommas


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  1. Congrats! You guys look adorable in your wedding photo