Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gladiator Trend

The summer gladiator trend has been in full affect.  Blog after blog, pics after pics.  I first spotted the trend on the runways last year; wasn't too excited about it.  But after seeing Kourtney Kardashian rocking a flat gladiator earlier in the summer, I grew obsessed.  For some reason I procrastinated to get a pair.  But dolls, when I came across these babies, the procrastination and hesitation flew out the window!  I believe the fact that these gladiators had heels, it made me want it even more (obsession to another level).  Although I had them since May, this is my second time wearing it.  I did not get a chance to capture the first time on camera.  

The first time I did wear it, was to church. Yes CHURCH!  The response to these shoes from church folks was horrendous.  But I guess thats what I get for wearing 'em there.  Some liked it, others despised it, but I don't care I rocked it again.  For the record, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I respect what people have to say and how they feel. This is just my style and I am more than comfortable praising the Lord in these bad boys, catching the Holy Ghost though, that's another story (inside joke for the saints).

Be Confident, be Inspired & ENJOY...


Outfit Details

Dress: H&M
Heels: Urbanog (similar)
Bag: Local Boutique
Necklace: Primadona

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."
-Psalm 139:14


  1. Hun you are sooooooo workingggggg those gladitor heels!! I love them on you and I like how you opted to wear it with that simple black dress. Perfect combo

    xox, Cheri

  2. Very beautiful outfit ;) Amazing dress ;)

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    1. Thank you for your lovely compliments. will check out your blog.

  3. Those shoes are amazing I love them!! They look so good on you :) We have just started following your blog and love it! Maybe you would like to check us out as well at www.ourlondonwardrobe.com and maybe follow back :) xxx

    1. I'm so in love with the gladiator trend. I am following your blog :-)

  4. Your shoes are absolutely drool worthy! omg!


  5. I want those boots/shoes/sandal-things!! O_O I am a fan of the gladiator look (and of gladiators! ;))
    I found your blog on a blog hop, and am now following! :D

  6. You look FAB in those sandals! I love how you paired them with a simple black dress. Great look on you girl! xo

  7. This look is so chic. I want those shoes, please and thank you!

    Chimere Nicole