Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vintage Sparkle

Over the weekend, my husband and I attended an Indian wedding. 
It was my first real Indian wedding and the most incredible experience ever.  
Women were dressed in very glamorous cultural wear.  
There was sparkle and color from guests to foods, drinks, venue and everything in between.  
 The place was filled with so much energy and excitement for the celebratory event.

I was able to grace myself In this beautiful vintage dress from my mom's closet.  
 As beautiful as the dress was when I received it, I still had to get it tailored.  Originally,
the dress was lengthy and kinda huge, it still remained a bit big in the  shoulder and chest area
but I loved it!  When my seamstress saw the dress she already knew what style I wanted it to be transformed to.  I just love when people understand what I look for and what I want.  
She told me this dress broke the needle of her machine multiple times.
However, she got the job done and I was a satisfied client.  
This is what the dress looked like after turned into my personal likeness.


Outfit Details

Dress: Vintage
 Knuckle Clutch: Local Boutique (similar)
Ring: JcPenney (similar)
Gold Pumps: Gojane (similar)

Have a fashionably BLESSED day!


  1. I love this look!!! I think vintage dresses are your thing!! Your make up looks great !! And for some reason your body fits this dress ..making your curves look bam!!! On point ....p.s I miss your short hair!!!!

    Xoxox Amanda

  2. great photos ^^
    following you back on GFC and Bloglovin ^^
    check out my new post <3