Monday, May 6, 2013

High Contrast: Pop of Prabal Gurung

I'm so happy to be back in the blogging game.  Ever so often I get carried away with being in the mommy and jumpstarting my career, I just can't find the time to post as many outfits as I'd like.  This outfit was from weeks ago :(  It's basic, yet trendy.  This was my second time wearing Prabal Gurung for Target sandals.  I have a huge issue with the strap!!! It always gets loose.  has anyone else encountered this issue?  
My hairstyle was inspired by Kim K's recent boho braided updo (here). 

Those of you who are interested in my career choice and what I've been up to;
I started The Fashion Institute of Technology in January of 2013.  I'm majoring in Fashion Styling.  Although I was born with the fantastic gift of fashion and styling, learning about the business from other stylists can help you gain more knowledge and understanding of how to become a better stylist. Being a stylist isn't simply putting clothing , accessories or shoes together, it's more than that!  You want to create a story for the individual which you are styling while helping them gain confidence in their own skin.  This will help your client feel comfortable and fabulous in anything and everything you style them in.  So far I've met stylists from top magazines and advertisement campaigns, as well as the tailor and stylist of Patti Labelle, Madonna, Britney Spears, Lenny Kravitz, and more.  I feel beyond blessed to have these amazing opportunities right in the palm of my hands.

Be Inspired & ENJOY!

Outfit Info

Blazer: Love Culture (similar)
Pants: Ross (similar)
Button down shirt:old
Ankle STrap Sandal: Prabal Gurung for Target ()
Accessories: Old

Have a fashionably BLESSED day!


  1. I love your shoes! My issue with ankle straps is getting them to fasten. I swear you have to be double jointed sometimes to get it to fasten. So frustrating, but worth it when you want to rock a new pair of shoes.

    Lovely blog. I found on the beauty blog hop and your new follower.

  2. I've missed you!! First of all, best wishes to you in your pursuit of your dream career! Secondly, I would hire you in a minute!!! I'm in dire need of your services :-( Thirdly, this look is amazing and I love the shoes and your hair!!! Lastly, I promise not to stalk you!
    Keep up the great work, you give me great inspiration. And I seriously need it.

    1. Awww thanks Colleen! You are so sweet, I'm glad I can inspire you to look beautiful. You inspire me as well.

  3. hola linda,love your shoes,love the color ;)
    you have a new follower! follow back, if you like ;) kiss andy