Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hey lovelies!
Oxblood was falls trending color, so I'm a month too late wearing this color.
If anyone knows me, knows that I love reds (all shades of it)!
My living-room has hints of burgundy and year after year
there's always red or burgundy on my christmas tree (this year i switched it up :-).

Today's outfit involves ONE color in different shades; monochromatic, 
with a dash of color and a hint of gold.
In some of the pics my top looks brown or plum, but it's really a dark shade of burgundy.
I also think it looks darker because of how much of a brighter hue the pants is.
The necklace!  I was so in love with this necklace when i saw it, I had to get it.  Finding it in stores was a whole other story.  However, it isn't quite monochromatic.  It is a bit more colorful with a little oxblood and gold hardware.  My clutch is a mini makeup bag which is really black but I turned it inside out to match my outfit.

Moving on to my hair,  The bangs are not real!!!  
They are clip in bangs by Ken Paves.  I cannot commit to bangs.
All my life I've been in bangs because of my enormous forehead, 
but sometimes ONLY SOMETIMES I like to remind myself of how I looked
as a little girl.  

"weird shots"

Be Inspired & ENJOY!

Outfit Info

Top: Mandee
Pants: Strawberry Boutique
Shoe: OLD
Necklace: New York & Co.
Clutch: Gifted

Have a fashionably BLESSED day!


  1. Now I know where to get bangs for a day . Thank you always looking awesome.

  2. I love you with bangs! I feel the same way you do though...sometimes it takes me back to my childhood! lol