Friday, December 14, 2012

A Controversial Outfit

Today's outfit is very conflicting; hence the title.
I know I have a lot of Holy Ghost filled viewers
whom I do respect and hope this outfit does not offend.

I like dressing sophisticated and sexy, yet appropriate.
As a believer in Christ, we are taught to carry ourselves in a respectable manner
(meaning dressing appropriate girls!!)
I strongly belive in this.  As a former Sunday School teacher, I can truly say
the young children do look up to you, watch your every move
and copy your ways and even style.
This goes to all children, they copy the people they look up to.

With all that said, I would NEVER wear this particular outfit to church!
It was my birthday oufit which I wore to go to dinner with my hubby.

I only chose this top because I wanted to showcase to my curvy divas
 that you can still show a little skin without having anything
hanging out or looking disgusting.

As for dinner, which was a surprise, also
had surprise guests...LOL...Let's just say I had to keep my blazer on through dinner.

"Ewww...why the long face??"

Be Inspired & ENJOY!

Outfit Info

Blazer: Super OLD (similar)
Top: Local Boutique (similar)
Harem Tights: Local Boutique (similar)
Red Captoe Pump: (snag it for less!)
Clutch: Victoria Secret (cuter one)
Earrings/Leather Cuff: Charlotte Russe (similar earring) (similar bracelet)
Red Lips: Gifted (Thanks Rovina!) (snag it!)

Have a fashionably BLESSED day!


  1. Oh me lard gal , wha them church people go say when them see this one lol
    Me on the other hand I love it without the blazer !!!

  2. @Rovina I guess they'll respond the way you started ur comment, "oh me lard".,lol that's why I did the whole explanation thing.

  3. I love this outfit!!! Very unique and tastefully put together...the shoes makes ur outfit pop!!! I wanna try this look now!!! But my tummy :( lol..I'm pretty sure after this post ppl will def be hating on you but rem haters + hatersssss + haters zzz = a lot of success


    1. @Amanda....thank you. when I put together an Outfit I like to make a statement. aside from the skin that's showing, the shoe did the talking. Thanks for the reminder about haters :-)

  4. Omg I love this outfit love the shoe.. You look great . I wouldn't wear the top cause of my belly ): .. And if I do . I would do the blazer .. Because we some holy ghost pll up in here .. Lol .. But over all I love it ..