Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Gift for YOU (giveaway CLOSED)

Hey my lovelies!!!  As I mentioned many posts ago,
I WILL be doing a giveaway.  Here it is!
This giveaway is part of my
Fashion Night Out purchase made to meet Kim Kardashian.

As you all know by now, Kim K. is one, well my only fashion icon.
So what better way to give back to my beautiful
followers, viewers and readers than by giving a perfume gift set and tote of  my
favorite Fashion Icon?!?!

By no means is this giveaway sponsored or endorsed by any labels.  
I made a personal purchase and I'm doing this giveaway out of my own free will.

Kim K. Love Collection Gift Set Inlcudes:

1.0 oz. Love Perfume
1.0 oz. Gold Perfume
1.0 oz. Signature Perfume

Purple Universal Tote also Included


1. Follow me on TWITTER @pashuntrisha
2. Follow me on INSTAGRAM @pashuntrisha
3. Leave a comment on this post answering the following:
What do you think about this blog so far? What are some things you'd like to see?
4. Leave a comment with your name and email address for contact purposes if you're
the lucky winner.

Helpful Hint***
Leave a comment for each point.
(Ex. "I follow @pashuntrisha on twitter", etc.) This increases your chance of winning.
You should have four entries total.

This giveaway closes on November 25th at 11:59PM.
I will be choosing a winner on my birthday (: 11/26 using Good Luck dolls.


  1. I LOVE your blog and this is a FAB giveaway. I also adore Kim! Would be awesome to see a video of you sometime! :) Maybe a haul or something? Love watching those!
    Nikki, As you know, I don't use Twitter or Instagram anymore :(

  2. Thank you so much for participating. I will definitely look into a video (not promising). I'm not good at public speaking....a video camera makes me shy...ok fine, I confess! I tried it b4 and it was
    no twitter, no instagram, no problem. Good luck!

  3. Great job, as a young mother of a one year old baby boy . Also as a stay at home mom at times I forget I'm still and sexy , so your blog has been one way for me to get back into my game lol.

  4. I definitely would like to see more hair styles, other than that your doing a wonderful job , inspiring women to feel great about them self and also the scriptures are so comforting , you truly are a woman of God. Love rovina dinanauth .

    1. @Rovina Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad I can inspire you to still feel sexy after becoming a mother. You're young, enjoy it. Look good for yourself and your boo!

  5. I love your blog , I think you are doing a great Job , love your sense of fashion an style , would love to see more hair styles . You have great taste . But other than that I think you are doing a great Job keep it up . I also Love the fact that you are inspiring people with the word of God which is great . God bless you and continue doing what you are doing . ------Diana

    Sorry I do not use twitter or Instagram

  6. I like how versatile your blog post outfits are. They aren't specific to one event or one style. As we all know, everyone is unique and has their own sense of style. Love how you touch base with many styles so there is something almost everyone can rock! I also love how your accessories perfectly coordinate with your outfit. Gives your outfits a nice touch. I would love to see some winter outfits. Its hard to look cute all bundled up! xoxo ----V*

    -no twitter, following u on instagram

  7. What I like about your blog is your personal style and how you showcase it to the world. You have a cute sassy style and I can definitely see the Kim K influence. She is also one of my faves, except Khloe is my sista from another mista. I also like how you include your family in the site, it makes it more personal. What I would like to see are pictures of the look of Kim or whoever that inspire your look and how you made it yours, kind of like a side by side.