Friday, September 7, 2012

FNO w/ Kim Kardashian!

So my September 6th 2012 started at 10:00AM.
The first 300 customers to purchase the True Reflection Gift Set
at Lord & Taylor in NYC had the chance to meet and greet the lovely Kim K.
I made sure I was there as soon as the doors were opened.
This was what the store looked like at 10AM. No crowd, just nice and quiet!

The purchase contained:
♥ Kim Kardashian True Reflection 3.4oz Fragrance
♥ Purple Universal Tote Bag
♥ Kim Kardashian True Reflection Love Collection Set

AT 7:00 PM
I was not able to capture the chaotic and overwhelmed evening,
but it was jammed to capacity on all the floors of Lord & Taylor.

Security was tight on the floor where she did the appearance.  When it was your turn to meet her,
you had to give an employee all your belongings including phones and cameras (the above pics are the closest I could've gotten and my phone was on full zoom).  The only item that was allowed next to her was the 3.4 oz Fragrance which was purchased and it had to be out of the box. You were given a red bracelet in order to meet her.  If you didn't have that bracelet which is proof of purchase you weren't going anywhere near her.  There were security guards standing at each side of you when you go up.  Soon as she was finished signing your bottle of fragrance you had to exit and they cut the bracelet off your hand.  The energy was amazing!  Live music, DJ, screaming fans, drinks, etc.  There was a line for the 300 customers going around and down the middle of the store.  On each side of her,  miles away were bars barricading fans who didn't make a purchase but was there to see her.  So with that said I didn't get an upclose and personal pic with her :-(  But at least she touched the bottle I am now the owner of...LOL...ok now thats me being obsessed!

This is the bottle she signed for me!!!

My Close Up Experience:
When I finally went up for my meet and greet with her, she said "Thank you for coming out tonight.  I love your necklace."  I was amazed!  Kim K. complimented me.  I responded, "You are a great inspiration!"  And she kept on staring at me.  I couldn't make eye contact or else I would sweat LOL.  After she signed the bottle, I told her to have a blessed evening (I made eye contact that time)!

Kim Kardashian is as beautiful in person as she is on television.  She has the sweetest voice and amazing skin!  Of course lots of makeup was going on but who doesn't need makeup?!?  I packed on a ton to look cute for my close up with her, but too bad that didn't happen.

After seeing her it made me realize that every woman has flaws.  You just have to wear them with confidence!  I don't know why that came to me but it did and I wanted to share it with you.

Hope you enjoy this post and reading about my experience on FNO 2012.


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